‘Romeo and Juliet’ Sneak Peek Pt. 2   1 comment

As promised, here is another short clip of one of the other beautiful Pas De duexs featuring Abby Avery and Max Tchernyshev as our fabulous Romeo and Juliet in our upcoming production.  This time we take a glimpse into a very intimate moment with the “Bedroom Scene”.  Take a look:



Again, these two are breathtaking together and this short clip hardly does them justice.  The show is going to be absolutely stunning, and we can’t wait!  When asking the pair how this Pas was comparatively Max replied:  “This piece still maintains the youthful playfulness as the last, but it is a much more physically challenging- it is the hardest of the three that we do.”

Abby said “I agree that is is the most difficult.  There is a lot of interesting choreography that is less traditional, and harder for me to remember in my body- but I love it.  It is the couple’s last dance together, and it is bittersweet.”


Thanks again you two!  You are doing a beautiful job!  ‘Romeo and Juliet’ opens next weekend!



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One response to “‘Romeo and Juliet’ Sneak Peek Pt. 2

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  1. The dancing was absolutely gorgeous Friday night. Abby was simply lovely. But there was no chemistry on Romeo’s part–he just was not convincingly in love with Juliet, or impulsive, or saucy, or anything that Romeo should be. And what was with the old-man haircut? He did not look, or act, the part.

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