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The dancers are working hard on SDB’s final show of the season: ‘Romeo and Juliet’.  This will be a breathtaking production that will close out a wonderful season, and we can’t wait to see it realized in two weeks.  In the meantime, we think it’s a good time to introduce you to one of our new company members in this installment of “Dancer of the Day”!  Caitlyn Ross has been gracing our stage and has proven to be not only a stunning dancer, but a lovely person as well. We hope she sticks around!  Here is what Caitlyn has to say in response to our interview questions:


Q: What does dance mean to you?

A: Since I was a toddler, dance has been my life. Dancing is everything to me and makes up such a large part of who I  am, that expression through movement is vital to my well-being. Asking me to retire from dancing would be like asking me not to talk for the rest of my life…which would be nothing short of a miracle for me.

Q: What prepares you for a long rehearsal day? What sort of emotional commitment do you experience in such a physically demanding role?

A: Neither I nor my husband are anything resembling morning people…We get up around 6:30AM, so as to actually be prepared for class by 9:30. While I do my girlie business, I ask Kyle to make coffee and something to eat, throw some food in a plastic bag, and help me remain sane. I am a food-aholic. We burn so many calories at dance that in order to survive I eat constantly. First things first though, music is a must. We rock out in the morning, and try to keep the mood somewhat laid back- otherwise I can become quite the ball of nerves, stressing about every detail…everything and nothing really. Once we have had at least three epic sing-along moments, and I’ve checked the house at least four times for any “forgotten” (but most likely un-necessary) items, we embark on our little journey to Pt. Loma. On the way we pray and talk about expectations for the day ahead. Arriving at the studio just before 9 gives me plenty of time to stretch before class and prepare mentally, as well as a quick chat with the lovely Karen in the office.
Through heavy prayer, God’s love, the love of my beautiful neighbors, and the love of my amazing husband, as well as family from afar, I’m able to repair my mind and body daily, getting back to 100% faster than I ever could alone.

Q: What has been the most rewarding moment of your career so far?

A: When I was 15 I attended a summer program called the Salzburg International Ballet Academy, SIBA, in Salzburg, Austria. The director invited me to return and dance for his company after a few months in the academy. I left the second semester of my Junior year and lived in Austria until the start of my Senior year. While with the company I had the extreme privilege to perform in “The Tchaikovsky Ballet” and “Carmen”. Touring was an experience and a half for sure. When I returned home I was greeted by the beautiful Amy Stoddart, who then made me the principle dancer for Montana Ballet Company. What a relief that moment was after going through a rough period in my life that I like to call my “European Days”. I was a crazy teenager, handed some big opportunities, and here we are today. God has always blessed me in abundance, and Amy was heaven sent for sure. The first time I saw my bio on the company’s website, with me listed as the Principle Dancer, I nearly peed. So, I suppose that has been the most rewarding moment so far.

Q: Can you imagine yourself in any other job?

A: Yes and no..I love to sing, and could see myself making a career out of it, but I wouldn’t be me without ballet.  A dancer never makes much for their art, but we love what we do, so you take those side jobs (sometimes more than you can chew), and I waitress on the side. Currently I’m just dancing, but normally I steer toward service in the restaurant industry. My family are food people, and I’ve been waitressing since I was 9 at whatever restaurant they were working in, and let me tell you, no one makes more tips than a 9 year old.

Q: What was the last thing you saw/heard that inspired you as an artist?

A: This is a tough one because I love to search youtube for new things in the dance world, but here’s a link to a piece I discovered a little while back and still watch time to time…

Q: What do you believe to be your biggest challenge as a dancer?

A: My back and my hips haven’t exactly aged at the same rate as the rest of my body. Some days are very painful and I find it difficult just to get up in the morning. In the end though, you always feel at least a little bit better after you pray, move your body around, and make it through a class.

Q: What message would you like to communicate to young aspiring dancers who watch you in your
upcoming performance?

A: Do your best not to say you can’t do something, or chances are you won’t be able to do it.


Thanks Caitlyn!  You and your positive attitude and kindness is a blessing in our company!  Check out this little slideshow of the beautiful Caitlyn Ross:












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