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Trystan Rocks!

Have you heard about Trystan Loucado?  If you haven’t, we suspect you will soon.   He is currently a San Diego Ballet principle superstar, and he is our current Dancer of the Day!

He just finished rocking the stage as our lead male in ‘Firebird’, and now he is gliding into his massive roles of our upcoming ‘Nutcracker’.  We feel lucky just watching him dance in various rehearsals and shows, but on top of being such a gifted performer, he is genuinely kind and wonderful to be around.  So this ‘Dancer of the Day’ segment was a real treat for us.  Here is what he had to say:

Q: Who or what inspired you to make a life in dance?

A: If it wasn’t for Ahita Bergman (SDB’s Ballet Mistress) I would have stopped coming to ballet classes a long time ago, let alone become a professional dancer. I’m thankful everyday for the education and inspiration that she has given me in dance and the everyday.

Q: How do you prepare yourself for a physically demanding day of dance?

A: I usually am wide awake at 7:30 am so I will put a movie on and a pot of coffee while I wear my Yoga Toes. I check in with my body by doing some light stretching, so I know what might be sore from the day before. I make sure to eat breakfast because you never know when you will have an opportunity to eat during the day.

Q: What is the most rewarding moment of your career so far?

A: It’s hard for me to be specific about that. I feel like being able to support myself in my art is the most rewarding thing I could think of. Its always wonderful when you hear the applause of the audience after you’ve done something you didn’t think you could.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Still dancing I hope, I want to take this for the long haul.

Q: What is one of your weaknesses as a dancer? What is your strength?

A: I started late in life, so my muscle memory is not very strong. But It has forced me to pick things up faster. Learning to dance from the perspective of an adult rather than that of a child has also been my greatest advantage. It has allowed me to look at things more analytically rather than just copying movement.

Q: What is the last thing you saw or heard that inspired you as an artist?


Q: What would you like to say to aspiring dancers who watch your performances?

A: Educate yourself about your body, you only get one. The rest comes with practice, patience and humility.

Thank you Trystan!

Check out Trystan working out his “Nutcracker” solo in this slideshow:

He can fly!  You do not want to miss him in our upcoming production of ‘Nutcracker’!  Tickets are on sale now!


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5 responses to “Dancer of the Day: Trystan Loucado

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  1. I am lucky enough to have watch Trystan grow since he was a child and I am so incredibly proud of him and his dancing abilities, he has an amazing talent and an even more amazing heart and I love him very much 🙂

  2. Love the slide show pictures and of course, TM! Who is the photographer??

  3. Gorgeous person…inside and out!

  4. After watching Trystan light up the stage in ‘Firebird,’ I cannot believe he started late! What an amazing talent! I took a friend with me who had never been to the ballet and all he could talk about was the energy and joy that Trystan exuded in his performance! Thank you Trystan for making my friend ‘s first experience magical. I look forward to the ‘Nutcracker’!

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