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Beautiful company member Abby Avery sat down to answer some questions we had for our brand new segment on our brand-new blog: Dancer of the Day.  In these posts we will ask San Diego Ballet dancers a little about themselves and their lives as professional Ballet dancers.

Here is what Abby had to say:

Q: Growing up, who/what inspired you to make a life in dance?

A:  I had a lot of great teachers over the years that inspired me to continue dancing. My parents also played a major role in my pursuit of dance. My mom signed me up for a dance class when I was five years old and I never quit! Both my parents encouraged me to work hard and to commit whole-heartedly to my goals, no matter what they were. They began taking our family to see Alvin Ailey when I was in the fourth grade. Seeing such phenomenal dancers at such a young age was very influential in my dance career. I knew that those dancers and I shared the same passion and desire to make a career out of something we loved. They are still my favorite dance company and always renew my love for dance every time I see them perform.

Q:  What is the most embarrassing dance-related tale you can tell?

A:  My most embarrassing career moment to date took place in The Nutcracker when I was dancing with the Fresno Ballet. I was doing the lead in Arabian. I was wearing a two-piece costume, a bra-like top and big, billowy pants. We were doing a school show the first time I wore the costume on stage. Half way through the pas de deux, I heard giggling in the audience.  I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, these kids are so rude.” Then, I remember feeling a slight breeze on the top of my thighs. My pants had come unhooked during a lift and were falling off of me. I pulled them up and tried to continue the pas. We did a lift with me sitting on my partner’s shoulder. Fortunately, this sort of held up the pants. I then said through my teeth, “Carry me off!” I was stitched in to those pants for every performance after that.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Well, in ten years I’ll be… over the hill!!?? Hopefully I’ll still be involved in dance somehow and getting weekly pedicures. =)

Q: What is one of your weaknesses as a dancer?  What is your strength?

A: One of my weaknesses as a dancer would be my desire for perfection. I see this as a weakness because I feel like sometimes it stifles my movement. Sometimes I wish I could move ‘bigger’ and let go of the technical side of myself. However, I see this as my strength as well. My perfectionist attitude pushes me to work hard every day and always makes me want more from myself. There is always room for improvement.

Q: What is a dream role for you to play?

A:  Honestly, I’ve never had a dream role that I’ve wanted to play. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised when given any leading role. I have been so fortunate in my career to have played some incredible roles. I never dreamed that I would play Juliet or the Sugar Plum Fairy and I have been able to do both. Each time I leave the stage I think to myself, “I can’t believe I just did that.”


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3 responses to “Dancer of the day: Abby Avery

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  1. Lovely photo Miss Abby!

  2. Great choice to blog about Abby. She’s a beautiful dancer and very wonderful to watch!

  3. I remember that school show when those Arabian pants fell off! From then on the costume designers sewed Abby into her costume! Abby is an amazing dancer and has the most wonderful spirit, which definitely shows when she is dancing!

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